April 28, 2011 | Home >In the News >My Bag of Tricks to Make Fun Food
My Bag of Tricks to Make Fun Food
April 28, 2011 | Home >In the News >My Bag of Tricks to Make Fun Food

My Bag of Tricks to Make Fun Food

I had no idea that my crinkle cutter could create such a reaction! My readers love the crinkle cut veggies!  My kids love them too, so I’m pretty confident your kids will like them.  Since everyone is asking about how I cut our cucumbers the other day, here is the reveal of the crinkle cutter:



cucumber marinade3

To be completely honest, I can not verify where I found it.  It was most likely at Target or Wal-Mart, since I usually buy stuff there. (I also saw a Crinkle Cutter on Amazon.) It would also most likely be in the kitchen gadget aisle.  Helpful?  I don’t know.. but I’m trying here.

Here are some other tools I use to make our food more fun:

Cookie cutters, and silicone molds:


I don’t have as many cookie cutters as this awesome cookie blogger,(holy Snipes! You need to check out her pic and then come back and tell me how CA-RA-ZY it is!!) but I’ve got a few good ones.

Then I have my token Japanese Bento Picks (picked up at the Japanese market)


And a few other fun Bento gadgets, rice molds, egg mold, and bunny punch.


So, anyway.  I hope you can find things that I use in my food and my food pics. It really does make cooking more beautiful Smile

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Amy Roskelley

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Cathie says:

They’re often called garnishers. Mine is from Pampered Chef, although it looks like they have them on Amazon. It makes chopping potatoes a breeze.

Amy says:

Thanks Cathie! I had no idea what they were called. I’ve never tried to cut potatoes with it, so that will definitely be next!

I really need to get a crinkle cutter! Thanks for the idea, though I may need to wait till June thanks to my May spending freeze — or maybe I should get out today or tomorrow to buy one!

Amy says:

Don’t do it!! Stand strong! Resist the temptation to buy something you don’t need 🙂

~B. says:

Aha! So that’s how you do it!! 😀 Really, you just need to come to my kitchen and show me how to use everything! I actually do have a rice mold, oh! and a crinkle cutter in my kitchen arsenal too! I just don’t know how to wield them very well! 😀

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