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Fertility and Food
April 26, 2010 | Home >Pregnancy > Healthy Kids >Fertility and Food

Fertility and Food

My amazing sister in law shared some information with me that she learned at an infertility conference she attended this weekend.

Factors influencing fertility

  • #1 Factor: Age
  • #2 Factor: Weight
  • #3 Factor: Diet
  • #4 Factor: Pollution
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I’ll share her notes on #3, the issue of diet and how it can affect fertility.

  • Mediterranean Diet helpful.  It uses lots of veggies, fish and olive oil
  • Alcohol consumption reduces by fertility by 60%
  • Caffeine (more than 250 mg per day) reduces fertility by 45%
  • Drugs 70% reduction in fertility
  • Antioxidants help refuel and rejuvenate old eggs – especially CoQ10 (can fight the aging and help the quality of eggs)
  • Avoid too much fish – the mercury levels harm eggs

Risk of Ovulation problems with high intake of:

  • Saturated Fat
  • Fast digested Carbs
  • Animal protein instead of plant protein (want hormone free)
  • High protein diet instead of low protein diet
  • low amount of whole milk vs. skim milk (soy milk can change estrogen levels and when you are on several meds to try to balance hormones you have to be careful of what you eat)

Thanks Tia for sharing what you are learning!  You are a blessing to us all!

While clearly infertility is multi-factorial, any information can be helpful.

written by
Amy Roskelley

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Rose says:

So if I DON’T want to get pregnant I guess I know what I can do to decrease my fertility. Lol, I am totally kidding ;D Great tips, probably best to follow that advice just to be healthy and energetic 😀

My friend, dietitian Elizabeth Ward, wrote a book called, Expect the Best. And on her website, she shares a lot of helpful information including info on diet and fertility. Here is a link: http://www.expectthebestpregnancy.com/preconception.php
The omega-3 from seafood is so important for pregnant women and their babies … though the FDA advises limiting four large predator fish due to mercury levels: shark, swordfish, tilefish, king makerel.
Sorry I’ve been such a blog stranger of late .. Janice and I are cramming to get our book written!!!

Blake says:

Interesting to see how a lot of conditions can be improved by healthier living. Thanks!

Lori says:

I had trouble getting pregnant with my second child. One year of trying. Lost 10 pounds, boom, pregnant!

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