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Sweet Potato Toast {In a Toaster!!}

This sweet potato toast is the best thing since sliced bread- literally!  And it couldn’t be easier.  We just bought some sweet potatoes from Costco in a 10lb bag because we want to eat this every day.

sweet potato toast 2000

Sweet potatoes are terrific for kids because they are

  • They contain Vitamin A!!  262% of the Daily Value in ONE small sweet potato!!
  • High in Vitamin C.  29% of the Daily Value in ONE small sweet potato!!
  • Beta – carotene 23,018 mcg!!  (I don’t think there is a Daily value for beta carotene, but 23 thousand mcg seems like plenty!)

Sweet Potato Toast directions

Sweet potato toast is simply, slices of sweet potato that you cook in a toaster.  It’s the perfect breakfast for kids to make themselves. In fact, toast is the first thing I believe my kids ever learned to make by themselves!   I would have loved it if we were able to start them on THIS toast from the beginning, so it becomes as familiar as regular toast! Haha

All you have to do to make this super easy snack or breakfast is:

  • Step 1 wash sweet potatoes
  • Step 2 slice them
  • Step 3 toast them!
  • Step 4 Top them with your favorite toppings.

Check out our quick video for more:

Other topping ideas!

sweet-potato-toast-1 RP-Sweet-Potato-Toast-Strawberries Sweet Potato Toast {In a Toaster!!}

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Do they cook in the same amount of time as a piece of bread toasts? Or do you have to ‘toast’ them several times? How thick do you slice them?


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