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50 Low Sugar Snacks for Kids

Isn’t it crazy how the more sugar you eat, the more sugar you WANT to eat!  This happened to me recently.  It started innocent enough.  I had a treat one day, “because I deserve it”.  Then, the next day it turned into two.  Until a few days later, I found myself scouring my cupboard for sugar!  So, one day- I decided, no sugar for a day.  After a day, that mad craving had weakened significantly! Finding low sugar snacks for kids can be easy and still be delicious.  If you keep this list (print it here), you’ll always have something ready to feed your little ones.

50 Low Sugar Snacks for Kids. You will want to save this list-50 low sugar snacks for kids!

Most of the pictures & ideas for these snacks I got from our meal plans and old blog posts. With proper kitchen tools, kids can help make these snacks! Right now we have over 866 snack recipes (and over 3000 total recipes) for healthy meal ideas. Check out the details here.

I gathered together all the snacks that my kids like to eat, and even added the grams of sugar next to them! This is for an average serving of course, and some may be dependent on the brand you use. For example, my bread is 1 gram of sugar per slice, but if you purchase a brand with 3 grams of sugar, obviously your total will be a bit different.  So, here you go!

  1. Celery and Cheese = 1 gram
  2. Hummus and Veggies = 0 grams
  3. Almond butter and Celery = 1 gram
  4. String Cheese =  0 grams
  5. Chickpeas = 0 grams
  6. Pistachios = 2 grams for one ounce
  7. Popcorn= 0 grams
  8. Pretzels = 0 grams
  9. Potato Wedges = 2 grams (half a potato)
  10. Guacamole and Pita wedges
  11. Olive, Cheese & Carrot Tiger sticks =  1 gram (one ounce)
  12. Cucumber Sandwiches = 1 gram50 Low Sugar Snacks for Kids. You will want to save this list-50 low sugar snacks for kids!
  13. Carrots and Ranch = 1 gram (2 TBL of ranch)
  14. Finger Salad = 0 g
  15. Deviled Eggs 1 gram
  16. Zucchini Chips = 3 grams (per zucchini)
  17. Quesadilla = 1 gram
  18. Snow Peas = 2 gram (per raw cup)50 Low Sugar Snacks for Kids. You will want to save this list-50 low sugar snacks for kids!
  19. Trail mix =  3 grams per 1/2 cup (qualifier- nuts and seeds only, not dried fruit and chocolate)
  20. Avocado Hummus = 0 grams
  21. Kale chips = 0 gram
  22. Spiced pumpkin seeds  <1 gram
  23. Cauliflower popcorn  = 2 grams (1 cup)
  24. Toast with egg and avocado = 1 gram (per slice)
  25. Pepper poppers = 4 grams
  26. Homemade fish crackers  <1
  27. Salad skewers  <1 gram (qualifier- the veggie skewers only
  28. Edamame = 3 grams (1 cup)
  29. Caprese bite sized snack = 3 grams
  30. Cauliflower dipper  = 2 grams
  31. Arugula pesto  2 grams50 Low Sugar Snacks for Kids. You will want to save this list-50 low sugar snacks for kids!
  32. Jicama fries 2 grams (1 cup)
  33. Tomato avocado cups  1 gram
  34. Yogurt cheese and cucumbers Ummm.. this one is a mistake- when I calculated it, it ended up being 9 grams of sugar per serving.  So, I added an extra one at the end, so you still have 50!!
  35. Cheesy broccoli bites  1 gram
  36. Cucumber cups here and here: 1 gram  Zucchini sticks 3 grams
  37. Zucchini sticks 3 grams50 Low Sugar Snacks for Kids. You will want to save this list-50 low sugar snacks for kids!
  38. Parmesan fries 2 grams
  39. Baked onion rings 2.5grms or half an onions worth
  40. Guacamole cones 0 grams
  41. Carrots and laughing cow 3 grams
  42. Tomato Parmesan Bake 1 gram
  43. Grape Tomato & Pretzel Tree = 1 gram
  44. Pepper nachos 0 grams
  45. Cherry Tomato bugs 2 grams
  46. Pea hummus = 2 grams
  47. Sweet potato chips 2.5 (for half a sweet potato worth)
  48. Peppers and goat cheese 0 grams
  49. Sail boat (or hard boiled egg) 0 grams
  50. Turkey roll up = 0 grams (turkey, mustard, and carrot sticks)
  51. Sugar snap pea boats 2 grams

Pretty good list- you can have a new snack every day for the next 6 weeks.

Would you add any? What low-sugar snacks do your kids like?  Print all of these and hang in your pantry!

50 Low Sugar Snacks for Kids. 50 low sugar snacks for kids printable small

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Hi thank you for some wonderful new ideas. Which recipe is the one that looks like a traffic light? Couldn’t figure it out.

Renee Seltzer

My twins are 19 months old. They still don’t eat that much complex foods. They will pick out what they like and/or can easily recognize when I mix a few things together. What age range are right for these snacks above? For 18-24 months, do you have a snack guide? And should it differ?


Thanks for the great snack ideas with the cute pictures and recipe descriptions. I printed the Cheesy Zucchini Sticks and Cauliflower Dipper recipes to try with my family, as we love anything cheesy. Thanks so much for being such a great resource for healthy families!


Ooh, I love this list. I’m going to print it up for my pantry 🙂 A lot of these would work for my favorite time-saver: making ready-to-eat snack bags for the pantry! I just blogged about the reasons to make snack bags. Did I miss any?

Jena Brazil

My 6 yr old is T1D. Do you have total Carbs in each available? We have to count total Carbs (not just sugar)


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